Ellroy On "Zodiac"

So this is a rather interesting statement about Fincher's "Zodiac": Crimer write James Ellroy comments on the cinematic greatness of the film yet at the same time criticizes the film's leading performances -- namely by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo -- as "unconvincing".

What adds to the spice of this comment is the fact that Ellroy and Fincher are currently developing a show for HBO together. What adds to my intrigue with the criticism is the fact that I generally love Fincher's films precisely for their performances. Similar criticism about the supposed stiltedness of performances was raised just recently by a few critics of "Gone Girl". Once again, I cannot really follow, as to me performances in Fincher films stand out for their richness in texture and nuanced moments.

What do you guys think?

Here's the full piece


  1. Could not agree with you more, and I'm glad to see you say that about the performances. I always say that I think that's Fincher's greatest strength: the amazing performances he gets out of each actor he works with. So much attention is paid to his visuals and his style, and rightfully so, but to me his real magic is bringing the best out of the actors.

    Also, Ellroy's comments are nuts.


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    1. Nice find Phil. I somehow feel that Cronenweth is not getting the praise he should, for his work on this movie. Especially for the scenes with Rosamund. He made her look so stunning (or ugly ;) ) I was amazed all the time :P I can't wait for the blu-ray, I will freezeframe every shot :)

      PS. Where the hell are the VFX breakdowns from this movie?! Youtube should be full of them by now ;)

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  4. Hey, guys. A link to read and download the Gone Girl shooting script. Enjoy.


    1. Awesome. I had whatever version had leaked before but nice to have the "official" version.

    2. I better grab it now, before it wins the Oscar ;) Thanks Torrance.

  5. Ben Affleck's HFA acceptance speech. Haha :)


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  9. Blu-ray comes out January 13th with a David Fincher audio commentary "and more..." (hopefully a David Prior BTS documentary).


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