Fincher's Utopia

So, "Gone Girl" should be coming to a cinema near you and stick around for a couple of weeks. Make sure to stock up on tickets and watch it as often as you can -- new Fincher material after that is expected as late as 2016. As Collider just reports, Fincher will dedicate all of 2015 to his re-imagining of Channel4's subversive conspiracy thriller "Utopia", and direct every episode of the show's first season. Dream come true!

We know the shades of dark that Fincher is capable of. If you haven't read Gillian Flynn's novel before watching "Gone Girl", well, make sure to expect that she can match Fincher's level of perverse-humored sinister and gut-wrenching satire. With all the original "Utopia" mini-series has to offer, and what these two will bring in addition, it sure sounds like this will be a helluva treat.

Long wait... but great news:

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  1. This is huge news! I'm very excited about this project.