Gone Girl: Full Trailer

This one is a brilliant, brilliant beast, all the way up to its last line. Fanboy speaking no doubt, but come on — this looks amazing! Hurry up, October!


  1. You should totally do a shot by shot breakdown of the trailer! might be a bit much, but would be very worth it.

    1. Hello :) i have exported all the Shots from the second Trailer
      Here you go: http://imgur.com/a/8xApR#0

    2. Very cool Phil. Thanks! I love the cinematography in these scenes.


    3. No Problem :) - Yes these are great shots
      Fincher + Cronenweth, a great combo. I love the lighting and compositions in Fincher's Movies. Its so unique. When you switch the TV Channels and you see one of his movies by accident, just one shot is enough and you know its a Fincher film. Its such a distinctive Style. But his Storytelling ability and attention to detail is equally great. Also what great Performances he gets out of the Actors. Many Critics and Fans underestimate this. And the editing work is just breathtaking. His Movies have a really specific pace. It reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's Films. You cannot switch of his Movies. You must watch then to the end. Even if you have watched then 20 Times *--*

    4. About the editing, it must be noted that Fincher's longtime editor, the great Angus Wall, is not credited as co-editor of this movie in the IMDB, apparently, because he is about to direct his first movie.

      Kirk Baxter is editing alone, as he did with the Fincher directed two first episodes of "House of Cards".

    5. Gone Girl IMDb site also doesn't list Ren Klyce.

    6. Thanks Daryl, i read that. IMDb is not the most reliably source ;) Ren Klyce will do the Sounddesign *-* Its also imaginable that Tyler Nelson the assistant editor will be working as the co-editor. I cant imagine that Baxter will cut the Film alone.

    7. Thanks for the shots, Phil. This is amazing!

    8. No Problem. My Pleasure *-*

    9. Thanks Phil for that list of shots. It's perfect!

      Adding to the list of surprising people who are not working on Gone Girl: Bob Wagner. I was really surprised to see he wasn't going to be 1st AD on this (according to IMDB).

    10. thanks for the info :)

      indeed, really surprising. Bob Wagner is one of the Fincher Veterans. i have nothing against IMDB, greatest movie site on the Planet. We have to wait and see, until the release. Then we get a complete & confirmed cast & crew list.

      If Baxter is cutting the Film alone etc. imagine the amount of Footage :O even with 2-3 assistant editors, that is a enormous task to handle. For this Reason alone he should get a third Oscar *--*

    11. Yeah, let's wait. I'm sure they will update the list. In the meantime, check out this old (but interesting ;) ) piece on the sound of Se7en.


    12. Thanks mikez :)

    13. Oh and remember to send Freddy Krueger a "thank you" card. Se7en would not have been made, if it wasn't for him ;)


      The short bit about Se7en starts at 14:25, but the whole thing is worth watching.

    14. Great links mikez.

      As for IMDB, of course, It must be used with caution and its facts double-checked, specially when the list is provisional.

      Regarding Baxter on Gone Girl:

      --- Creative Cloud Updates on Tap As David Fincher Adopts Premiere Pro---

      Editor Kirk Baxter Is Cutting Fincher's Gone Girl Exclusively on Adobe's NLE


    15. Thanks Daryl :) -

      Premiere is a great editing software. Very similar to the old Final Cut 7. Apple fu**ed it up with FCX. Many editors switched to Premiere & Avid Media Composer. The switch from FC7 to Premiere is a really smooth. You get very quick used to it. With Avid you need more Time, its a completely different. The Devil is in the Detail.

      For example, Walter Murch explained in great detail what he didn't like about the new FCX.


    16. Thank you very much Phil!

      I kinda Heard about the FCX debacle but as the layman I am, I didn't know the details.

      That's what I love the most about seriously following the work of Fincher, that you get to learn about every aspect of filmaking.

      From him or his other followers. :)

    17. "Premiere is a great editing software. Very similar to the old Final Cut 7. Apple fu**ed it up with FCX. Many editors switched to Premiere & Avid Media Composer. The switch from FC7 to Premiere is a really smooth."

      Phil, you should explain that to the people at my school :P For them it's FCP and nothing else. They treat Premiere Pro like it's a slightly better version of Windows Movie Maker ;) I think it scares them how quickly Adobe is catching up. PP really came a long way and is advancing very fast. Baxter switch to Adobe is a no brainer. The integration between Premiere, After Effects (now with Cinema 4D) and Photoshop is really amazing. So this old The Social Network video is still valid today... but it's even easier now :)


      PS. I don't work for Adobe, I'm just a long time user :)

      PS 2: It's not only Baxter, other people at Rock Paper Scissors also switch to Adobe ;)


    18. Thanks to daryl & mikez :)

      Different Strokes for different Folks, i guess.
      I am used too Adobe Premiere since CS3. And with each new Version, they improved a lot of things.

      But i miss a feature like AMA (Avid Media Access), with this you can link any QuickTime or H.64 Video. Its not a real import, just a link to the raw footage and you can cut right away, its amazing.

      But the Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere is amazing. No need for Rendering. Many but not all Effects are CPU accelerated.

      But you right Mikez, the biggest Advantage is the Integration between all the other Adobe Software (Premiere, AfterFx, Photoshop, Audition) via the Dynamic Link Manager *--*

      I know that, in FCX there is also no rendering needed. I would try the Program but i don't have a Mac.

      The Point is, there is no superior editing Program. They all have different strength & weaknesses.

  2. After the day (relatively) exclusive to trailers.apple.com, the definitive oficial trailer link at 20th Century FOX YouTube Channel:


    1. I've watched it like 100 times already :P I'm mesmerized by the sound of Amy's voice-over. It's just haunting. Can't wait to hear it in the dark cinema...

  3. a Glimpse of Trent Reznor working on Gone Girl *--*


    1. Holy shit! An orchestra?

      That's new for Reznor...

    2. that could be interesting - maybe a mix between electronic & classical orchestra score

  4. Maybe there's different type of music based on whether something is Amy's diary entry or taking place in real life. I wouldn't be surprised if Fincher tries to manipulate the audiences perspective of events using music as well.

    1. I meant Amy's diary entries are in the past whereas the search is in present day real life. You can read whatever you want in to it.

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  6. Fincher at Comic Con 2014, Saturday, July 26:

    "Fight Club: From Page to Screen and Beyond"

    Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke, Haunted), director David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network, and Gone Girl), Gerald Howard (Doubleday executive editor), and special guests discuss the seminal novel's journey from book to film and beyond. Moderated by Rick Kleffel (TheAgonyColumn.com).

    7:00 - 8:00
    Room 25ABC