Algorithm-driven Consumerism

If you desire to remain immaculately unspoilered DO NOT READ THIS. Not any of this. If, on the other hand, you are already either hardened, numbed or entirely desensitized to spoilers or are familiar with the British original, this review-slash-commentary coming from the Quietus on the potential meaning and status of UTOPIA may provoke yet a few more insights as to why Fincher made sure to snap the series' remake rights.

"[Could] Utopia be the emblematic TV drama of the decade? Quite possibly. We live in the age of algorithm-driven consumerism, of capitalist realism, of state surveillance that's no longer hidden but seems almost entirely accepted anyway. We live in a world which has just reacted to an unprecedented crisis of capitalism by destroying essential public services in order to restore almost exactly the same system that caused the collapse."

Yup. Sounds more than a little crazy if you spell it out like that, doesn't it. And along with the fact that the show sneaks in the occasional laugh-out-loud subversive humour coupled with excessive on-screen violence and not-so-laugh-out-loud political, social and ethical subject matters... hm, doesn't all of that sound like a quite logical or possibly mandatory pick for a director who has both tackled FIGHT CLUB and HOUSE OF CARDS?

Enough with the rhetorical questions? Let's see what Fincher and screenwriteress Flynn do with this...


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