Wait A 'Seconds' Mr Fincher!

John Frankeinheimer's paranoid masterpiece gets a new life.

If any of you Fincher Fanatics have already seen this great thriller, The Game must have come to mind. Both films portray a man trapped in a nightmare, chased by a dangerous and anonymous organization.

This cult classic is getting a new release in France where filmmaker Nicolas Saada (and also screenwriter of the exciting Sleepless Night) says that Fincher owes 'almost everything' to Seconds. There's some truth in that statement, though it's a bit far fetched in my opinion. Rod Serling's Twilight Zone was probably a major influence too.

Anyway, the restored print of the uncut film screened at Cannes last month, so it might be soon coming to a theater near you. See it and let us know much you think Fincher was influenced (or not).


  1. Really cool. I will keep an eye open for this, thanks.

  2. Very interesting, Gould.

    And now, a nice little montage:

    'Zodiac' and the art of the insert shot
    By Josh Forrest
    Song - Soul Sacrifice by Santana