Alongside a selection of Hollywood's finest, including Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Brian De Palma, David Fincher is set to appear as one interviewee for a documentary on the formative conversations between Alfred Hitchcock and Francois Truffaut.

Packed with excerpts from Hitchcock's and Truffaut's original conversation and the filmmakers' commentary on Hitchcock scenes, this documentary sounds more than promising. Do look out for this early 2015.

Thanks, Daryl, for keeping the Fincher community up to speed.


On another note, if the marketing machinery sticks to its usual pattern, we should see a full trailer for Fincher's upcoming "Gone Girl" any day now.

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  1. I just read that Gordon Willis, ASC passed away this week. One of the 3 greatest cinematographers of the last 100 years.
    And a colossal aesthetic influence on Fincher.
    His immortality will be enshrined through his sublime images.
    Rest in Peace.