...why don't you guys have a look at this:


  1. Netflix reportedly plans 4K stream of 'House of Cards'

    The acclaimed drama series will be streamed in Ultra HD in 2014, Netflix's CPO tells Stuff, keeping pace with rival Amazon.

    1. My fit-for-240p connection just gave me the dirtiest smile. :/

  2. Tyler Perry Talks New Role In David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'

    "Gone Girl" is "the most educational, awe-inspiring thing that I've ever done," Perry said in a recent interview.

    "Sitting in his presence, in his genius, the man is a genius," he said of Fincher. "It really makes me go, 'Whoa, let me just stop and take this in,' so it's been wonderful."

    "I'm a storyteller. That man is a di-re-ctor. He is amazing. And to watch him work and to watch how he paints his pictures, the tableaus, everything is really just beyond anything I could ever imagine."