I See Fincher Everywhere

Trying to make connections between arts and Fincher's visuals.

Hope you don't mind me posting this since it's not major news, but the other day I came across this amazing photograph. Taken in 1956 by American photographer Roy DeCarava,  I was struck by the beautiful black & white and lightning which immediatly made me think of Fincher's visuals.

  Don't you think? Now, which music video could it be related to ?


  1. Great posts, thank you Gould. I am especially excited about the prospects of FIGHT CLUB 2; that's such a brain-bender, I can hardly wrap my head around a sequel to that story. Great appetizer for 2014!

  2. Not just Suit & tie. There's musicians in silhouette in many other videos, going back to "Straight up" (where there's also an upright bass player).

    But since my observations about "Cahiers du cinéma" were ignored, I'm not going to go into any more detail!!

  3. TH, your comment was duly registered. The matter of fact is, I barely find time to attend to this blog right now, and I am far from having the time to assess the interview tape again to assess what Fincher said. Frankly, "Yippie-Kay-Yay" and "Cahiers du Cinema" sound quite differently, so it's hard to imagine I misheard that in the transcription. I am not saying 'Cahiers [du Cinema]' is not what he meant; just saying this is too much effort checking up on for me right now.

    Thank you for adding to the discussion. If you feel like sharing more, you are certainly welcome to.

  4. In that portion of the interview, he is referring to auterism, and he refers to this "guys" as being from the sixties. Auterism, the sixties, something that sounds like "cahiers"... when you put it all together...

    Cahiers sounds like Kay-yay, but more to the point, who are these mysterious ""Yippie-kay-yay" guys? I should add some joke about multiple John McClanes, but I won't.

    Anyway, this is our little corner of the internet and we're all here to add and share and learn. Keep up the good work!

  5. Check it out.