Gone Girl Gets Going

Apparently David Fincher's new film "Gone Girl" starting filming in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, yesterday, for it's first leg of production; five weeks, that is, as producer Cean Chaffin estimates. And since five weeks simply doesn't sound like a Fincher movie yet, we can all assume filming will move on to interiors and sound-stages in L.A. for... well, much longer.

While the news report claims the film will be released "some time next year", which would be awesome, IMDB's official info still lists the film as a 2015 release. We will see. Except Fincher delivers this one with five weeks shooting and five weeks post — we could see this film Christmas 2013. Yeah right...

Thanks for breaking this story!



  1. http://www.thewrap.com/ben-affleck-gone-girl-cast-blurred-lines-emily-ratajkowski

  2. IMDB can be edited by anyone, so I don't know how "official" that info is.

  3. Interesting that they're filming in Cape Girardeau. I'm about 1/4th of the way into the book and most of it so far takes place in Carthage, Missouri, which is a real place, so I just assumed they would film there too. I know they didn't have to, and they seem like they won't, but I just thought they would.
    The book also has some scenes in New York City, and I think Fincher would want to go there to shoot that stuff too. And then of course all of the sound stage interiors like the post mentioned.
    The earliest I can see this coming out is June 2014, but I think the studio would push it to a more October/November 2014 release.

    1. Whoops. Just read that the Carthage, Missouri in the book isn't the Carthage in real life, my bad.