The Girl Who Might Not Return To The Big Screen Any Time Soon

The Playlist runs a great, albeit — shall we say — 'mostly speculative' piece on the possible futures of Fincher, Leagues and The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Personally, I'd prefer Fincher's take on "Leagues" over a "Dragon Tattoo" sequel any day, as I feel it would be a new facette that we haven't seen from Fincher, and with Andrew Kevin Walker and possibly Brad Pitt this is just too good not to make it to the big screen. So yeah, I'm hoping for a quick greenlight from Disney, which, as The Playlist explains, either rules out the TGWTDT sequel altogether — or causes a severe setback at the very least.

In three month's time we shall know more. Maybe.

What are you guys more excited for?


  1. what's the matter, fincherfanatic: where's your love for dragon tattoo?

    I'd love to see 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea yet I have a feeling Disney won't do this with Fincher. I'll agree with concerns voiced in the Playlist piece: Fincher hasn't proven to be a blockbuster guy, and with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, 3D, 70% CGI I am sure we are talking a sizeable budget. not gonna happen.

    I want Fincher and crew to do TGWPWF!

  2. The sequel will never happen, at least with Fincher as director. And here's why :

    - poor domestic box office performance
    - Dragon Tattoo mania will have faded in a couple of years so studio exec will think twice before greenlighting a sequel
    - Fincher never really dig for the franchise : watching it again, you really have this bizarre impression that everything is rushed, especially the ending as Fincher hurried to wrap the movie and get on the next thing. Fincher had all the ingredients : cast, story, location, but made a milk shake of it instead of a good liquor.

  3. My vote is "Leagues" ;) It's a different genre, something he hasn't done before. It's risky, but I want him to take risks, show us something new (and I finally want to see Ren Klyce win an Oscar for Best Sound :P).

    So I hope your prediction is wrong Jeff ;)

  4. Fincher is not Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson. Fincher is a stimulating and uncomfortable director, which I like but I agree I do not think he can appeal to a mainstream audience.

  5. Ren Klyce deserves it so much.

  6. Hi all, whatever Fincher's working on right now... it's going to be in black & white. Check out this link from Red: "David Fincher is shooting his current project solely on Epic-M Monochrome cameras right now." Link:

    Must be a commercial, right?

  7. Fincher schould direct Star Wars Ep. 7
    This would be amazing :) He is a big "Empire Strikes back" Fan. Its a great Alternative if "20,000 Leauges" can`t get made.

  8. my thoughts exactly... ;)