Reset Content: Now Online

David Fincher's new production company RESET CONTENT just went online. Check out their site... with a fine selection of talent, a shitload of HD clips, and some of Fincher's finest — with new additions hopefully coming very soon!


  1. so clean, beautiful and easy to navigate around.

  2. I yust listened this collider interview with David for Dragon Tattoo and
    the question was: when you're watching TV is there any movie the makes you think: fuck, I have to watch this.
    and the answer was: no
    well, honestly I was shocked by this because
    I thought he will say Butch Cassidy or Stranglove or Chinatown
    is that possible that he simply hates TV because bad sound and picture quality?
    or he saw everything so many times that he feels he can leave the movie anytime?
    maybe I'm yust overthinking it but it was a bad thing to hear from him