A Film Title Retrospective

Art of the Title has a Fincher film title special + exclusive interview.
I keep on checking regularly this great resource for memorable film titles. Today is my day as it features all Fincher's opening titles, quite a long interview and well chosen illustrations.

Watch the Art of the Title preview :

Last but not least, by reading the interview you'll learn that Dragon Tattoo sequel is yet not dead...

Art of the Title complete feature is here.


  1. Yep, this is an absolute must read interview!

    We may see a Dragon Tattoo sequel but it looks like we won't see Fincher's take on Cleopatra.


  2. Excellent find.
    One of the finest Fincher interviews I've read in a long time; goes well beyond just his title sequences ~ he even talks about Alien3!
    Not only is he the finest American visualist working today, but he's one of the most articulate about his craft that there's ever been.

  3. About the Dragon Tattoo sequel: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1703246/

    Looks like the director is announced to be... Ty King? If this isn't some kind of weird joke, it is very sad indeed.