Jeff Cronenweth Interview

Post-Oscar interview with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Director of Photography.
Although he didn't win this time, twice nominated Jeff Cronenweth shared his thoughts on remaking the original, working with Fincher, switching from film to digital and many other subjects...The quality of the video is not what we could call professional, still it's highly valuable for all aspiring DoP and Fincher fans coming here. See for yourselves :

Thanks to Simon & Robert Paulson for this unusual find.


  1. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. :)

    That kind of stuff should have been on GWTDT Bonus Blu-ray ;) Interesting questions from the audience and very good (and generous) answers from Mr. Cronenweth :)

    Thank you very much for the link guys!

  2. The quality of the video is what we could call potatoe.

  3. I agree. Plus, doesn't Cronenweth look a bit like the toy collector in TOY STORY 2?

  4. "Game Changers: Where Movies Should Be Going,"

    PGA Produced By Conference at Sony Pictures Studios [EVENT]

    "The audience is causing the change," said Ceán Chaffin, director David Fincher's producing partner. "The audience that we want [for serious dramas] is harder and harder to find."

    In a discussion of future projects, Chaffin said that she and Fincher (who was watching from the back of the soundstage) are considering a movie that would partially be shot in 3D.

    "We think 3D should be applied very specifically," she said. "We're actually thinking of mixing 3D and 2D in one film."

    And Chaffin said she and Fincher were badly shaken by the commercial failure of “Fight Club,” which Fox executives hated and which couldn’t find its market until it was released on home video.

    “‘Fight Club’ was devastating,” Chaffin said. “All of us who worked on the film thought we had something great.”

    Throughout the session, Sony’s Amy Pascal received so much praise from the panelists that eventually Shamberg stepped in.

    “Everybody here loves Amy,” he said, “but we also like the others.”

    “All except one,” said Chaffin, who declined to specify the one.

    1. Interesting. I also have a link. It's not that interesting, but still cool ;)

      Paramount Pictures 100 Years Anniversary Photo. Fincher is there and guess who is standing next to him.

    2. Oh wow. Thanks, Mikez. I love that photo!