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+++ UPDATE 02/28/2012 +++
Robert Paulson was at it again. And the wonderful interview with Fincher he dropped in the comments, I have now embedded for your ultimate viewing experience.

"A lot of people throw words like genius around lightly, I don't and I can truly say the man is brilliant," says screenwriter Beau Willimon of his experience writing the screenplays for Spacey and Fincher produced Netflix series 'House of Cards.' Certainly not the first time we hear praise for Fincher — but there's more.

Aside from an enthusiastic description of Fincher as a creative collaborator, Willimon sheds some light on the plot and tone of series, as well as the advantages of working out a full 26 episode series. Willimon himself is tackling a scope worth of six and a half feature length movies. A task he likens to working on a novel like Anna Karenina.

Fincher has indicated before that his take on House of Cards will differ profoundly from BBC's original series: "Today is a completely different universe. House of Cards was made during Thatcherism. It was a stiff-upper-lip look at parlamentary politics. Our thing is: Twitter, Newscorp, hacking — and the notion of politics when you stand for nothing."

Willimon agrees, the Netflix show may be darker even than Ides Of March, Willimon's Oscar nominated silver screen debut.

On his collaboration with David Fincher, Willimon has fond things to say, and certainly makes even his herculean writing task sound like a dream come true for every scribe. "[David is] the smartest person I may have ever met in my life and I've met a lot of smart people. He is a perfectionist in every great sense of the word, he's involved at every level from the smallest detail to the core vision. And what's incredible about the guy is that he walks into a project knowing what he wants to do and having this incredible vision and then also have the follow through and the talent and the determination to achieve it. So working with him on scripts, getting his notes and talking with him about the story and what we want to do and how we're going to create this world has been an absolute joy."

These words alone make me so look forward to the project!

Huge thanks to busy contributor Robert Paulson.
Check out the full article for yourself over at indieWire:

Yup, here's the interview — Movie Kingdom chatting w/ the man


  1. How about Christopher Nolan? Is he a genius?

    1. Since the terms "genius" and "brilliant" are tossed around so often: do you think Fincher is really a genius with an IQ of someone like Albert Einstein?

    2. "Genius is someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight." (...) "There is no scientifically precise definition of genius, and indeed the question of whether the notion itself has any real meaning has long been a subject of debate."

      That is what Wikipedia has to offer. Me personally I understand a genius as someone with an extraordinary talent and Fincher in my opinion certainly has extraordinary talent.

      I think all you (anonymous) want to get at is that any kind of praise for Fincher comes down to being a fanboy of sorts, but I have to disagree. Yes, it can be argued whether or not any filmmaker was ever a genius of the magnitude of Einstein or Mozart. But no caviling: "Genius", as it is used by most people, is definitely a valid expression for the prodigy director that is David Fincher.

    3. No, I agree. Wasn't trying to be a troll here.

  2. I am Jack's anonymous neighborFebruary 28, 2012 at 2:07 AM

    He's british.

  3. I'm also very curious about this.

    This is pretty much a final frontier for Fincher ;) He made (cult) movies, (groundbreaking) commercials and music videos... now he's about to conquer the world of TV series ;)

    Thanks for the link RP.


    Good fun Fincher Interview from the dragon Tattoo press tour:)

    1. Love both the links, thanks Bob!

  5. visual effects on tattoo...