The Making of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

David Fincher explains it all to the Hollywood Reporter.

Read it all here!


  1. Good article. To create something so good in such a compressed time frame... I have even more respet for this movie. Thanks for the link RP.

  2. Just the movie, well of course it is great, .. especially their relationship story, his issues with the bad guy, family secrets of the rich and powerful, his double personal life, - its fine but what new?
    Her personal story on its own - I am really sorry for her past and present but again, we heard this before, life is ugly and unfair....

    But her and him, that what I am looking forward to see .. not even nessesary him, I want to see how she gets herself out of her situation, because she already started and not only for him really... she got an idea it could be different for her, and she will find her way with him or without - I want see that.. I do not know what book has about this but I do not even care.. She can't get back to her life like nothing happend, she tastes something she wants... I think she is too smart to get stuck on the guy even if he does/or does not respond to her and she would not hold from him leaving her

    On the other side I want to know how he feels when she is not there..
    I want to see his face when he realizes that something happend in that cabin that maybe his current life cannt offer or never will be able to offer..

    If he wakes up or choose to forget and downplay.. How he is going to process it?

    Who is going to be bigger - him or her?

    Just sayin

  3. Article on visual effects. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Mikez.

      Good read:)

      So,I take it you see how tragic it would be if Fincher does not do the next 2 in the series?

    2. It will be bad for the series, no doubt about it. But if he doesn't do the sequles he will do something else, maybe even better ;) I would really like to see him direct 20,000 Leagues or Cleopatra, both those projects are unique compared to his other works, so I would like to see how he tackles them ;)

  4. Keanu Reeves Documentary SIDE BY SIDE Tackles Film vs. Digital Debate; Includes Interviews with Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and David Fincher.

    Trailer for the documentary is here. This is something to look forward to indeed.

  5. WTF??

    TGTDT Bluray is coming the 20th of March(which I for one think is way to fast) and the ONLY extra is a Commentary with Fincher?

    What ever happened to a documentary on the making of the film?

    Are sony planning a later spec.ed?

    1. Double-dipping no doubt. Didn't the same thing happen with "Zodiac"? As for the early release date, this may be a new Sony strategy, keeping momentum of the film's cinematic release (and certainly attention for the books) -- and possibly Oscar hopes.

      I certainly don't mind an early release... :)

    2. Special edition packed with bonus materials is inevitable. Let's just hope that we won't have to wait for it until the next movie in the series comes out.

      I'm not happy with that news, I guess I was too spoiled by the amazing The Social Network Blu-ray ;)

      PS. Amazon Germany is listing it as 2-Disc Set... maybe there is still some hope.

    3. 2 Disc set for Germany could of course just mean that it will include a DVD version. I seen that the French version will also be a Steelbook cover.

      It is somewhat strange, when Fincher said in a interview not so long ago that he hates it when studios releases 2 version of the same movie,and the fans have to double dip for the same movie.

      Who knows, But I think it is very sad that TGWTDT will not feature any behind the scenes stuff.

  6. As usual, Fincher was snubbed... but the movie scored 5 Oscar Nominations!

    Best Actress - Rooney Mara
    Best Cinematography - Jeff Cronenweth
    Best Editing - Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter
    Best Sound Editing - Ren Klyce
    Best Sound Mixing - David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce and Bo Persson

    I salute all of them ;)

    More nominations here:

  7. Well diserved nominations.

    For french speaking fans, a soundtrack special :

  8. Gould have you watched the movie already? Care to share your thoughts? ;)

  9. I did see it! Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but if you insist :-)

    I'll have to see it again this week-end for second thoughts. The movie caught me off guard actually. Though technically impeccable (we can't expect less that perfection from Fincher now, can't we?), it lacks the tension and sense of dread that Zodiac had. I felt the movie moved with great speed but had not much to say, in fact felt repetitive sometimes.

    I loved the photography, the soundtrack, the cast and Craig's sweaters. But the ending felt a bit like a letdown as if Fincher felt tired of his toys and decided to abandon us in the middle of the road. And that second act (mafia billionaire's hunt) felt like it belonged to another movie altogether. I wouldn't be surprised if Fincher does not come back for a sequel, the movie had all his brain but not much of his heart.

    Again I may change my mind after a second viewing. I wish I could. But somehow though it's a disappointment, it did not provoked anger as Button did. Fincher is still there.

    1. I always want to know what other Fanatics think ;)

      I don't agree with the "lack of tension and sense of dread" part. I thought it was all there ;) But I agree with the "billionaire hunt" part. It felt a little bit rushed, but it was almost at the end of the movie so that doesn't bother me that much. It laso felt different because Lisbeth is a different person at the end of the movie (or at least that's how I explain it to myself :P )

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    2. It is interesting to hear others' opinions. I loved the film, although, I remembered the first time I saw it I felt somewhat detached and numb especially during the films more horrific scenes--but i think that's what's interesting and ultimately what's terrifying. It could have been easy to sensationalize those scenes and give the audience that cathartic moment but Fincher leaves those scenes exactly how those crimes are cold and unfeeling. Anyways, sorry i went on a little spiel there.
      I'm curious why did Button make you angry?


    Fincher talks a little about his longer cut of the movie.

  11. Melena Ryzik talks with Jeff Cronenweth, the Oscar-nominated cinematographer of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

    Video interview below.

  12. some pictures here

  13. I'm not anymore so much of a Fincher fan as I used to be. His recent films all lack what made me interested in him. I wish he would go back to experimenting with commercials and music video, that to me would be far more interesting than mainstream fare and remakes.