Fincher News — Weekend Wrap-Up

Didn't I stumble upon a news item recently that said they were planning to do a Mikael Blomkvist inspired clothing line for men as well, over at H&M? — Well, forgive me if it hasn't been on this blog. It just didn't seem important. Like at all.

Hey, but this might:


Dragon Tattoo OST gets the awesome Kellerhouse treatment

• Reznor & Ross, in their own words, have written "some of the most beautiful and disturbing music of our careers" for Dragon Tattoo. FREE DOWNLOAD of a 35 minute sampler included!

Daniel Craig talks Dragon Tattoo and Skyfall

• Swedish Dragon Tattoo's Mikael Blomkvist's daughter lands role in Fincher's adaptation by accident

• Who knows, you might be able to watch Fincher's House of Cards on your Playstation3: Sony Pictures TV aquired rights from Netflix


And these are MUST-READs:

Wired Magazine runs an exceptional, incredible piece on Fincher

• ... and iTunes, of all place, seems to have the infamous 8-minute Dragon Tattoo trailer (according to NIN)

... or well, you just watch it right here.


  1. This link to the exclusive 8-minute trailer will work in Germany, maybe other European countries as well:

  2. Works for me too (Poland) ;)

    ... and 'holy shit' this trailer is good stuff.


  3. bonjour,
    i'm french and the trailer doesn't works for me ... :( but thank you very much fot all the other news !!
    you're fantastic!
    merci encore.

  4. hello !
    i'm french too,and the trailer doesn't works for me (fincher hates the frenchs ? :) ) but thanks for all you other works.

  5. the enemi of the fincher s friend!December 2, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    i am french too living in Thailand!
    salut les potes!! Les francais adorent Ficnher!!
    the link works guys (in France too)!!!
    You just need to have I tunes
    to see it .

    and it s great!!!

  6. Merci beaucoup pour le conseil!
    je vais le mettre tout de suite en pratique !
    vive mister finch!

  7. merci "the enemi of the fincher s friend!"!
    je viens de le voir et effectivement c'est de la
    bombe atomique!

  8. guys!!!
    try the german version

  9. For those having difficulty, Jordan Raup's site The Film Stage has embedded the maxi-trailer. Pity they screwed up the aspect ratio but it's better than spit in your eye...

  10. Oh my, that aspect ratio hurts my eyes!!!

  11. trailer works just fine in greece...unlike the economy...

  12. Download here ~ 4v

    Or here ~


    I think the ending is too simple. I mean she's just found in Australia, having fled from the family. But otherwise it's an intriguing story. I still don't know why Fincher would remake a film that's been done already, in a great fashion. I mean, sure, his pictures look a lot better, but does that justify a remake?

  14. thanks simon. nice way to spend the weekend. :)