Exclusive Film Clip & More

Brace yourselves, for The Girl is coming to town.
Now, seriously, you didn't just ask, "Which girl?"

Check out this film clip:

...and should you ever have doubts, here it is, all laid out: Why Fincher is the perfect director for 'Dragon Tattoo'.


  1. The link to the motorcycle story takes to "slate of projects" story...

  2. Tonight is the big night in Montreal. Already have my ticket. I'll give you a review tomorrow.

  3. The DOP is magnificient, every frame is fincheresque!!! All the actor are directed in a fantastic way. I am one of many Fincher Fanatic across the sea, but even the master of modern directing could not transform a boring story into a real clever thriller.

    He wanted to stick to the original story and he did. The only problem is that the story is good in a book, but not that much interesting in a movie. He did he's best, bu tit lack the passion and the emotion found in Seven or in Zodiak.

    Visually another masterpiece. Storytelling wise, he did is best with waht he had. Not his fault uf Stieg larson's book aren't as entertaining has everyone keeps saying they are.