Vanity Fair Portrait

David Fincher gets the star treatment in the upcoming December issue.

(c) Vanity Fair

The Social Network screenwriter Aaaron Sorkin delivers a short, sharp and biting portrait of the director.

David has great patience with people who aren’t as gifted as he is. What he can’t abide are people who don’t work as hard as he does. And he won’t work with people who don’t care as much as he does.
Aaron Sorkin

The article also features a slideshow of on the set photos.

Big thanks to TH for this find!

Vanity Fair portrait here


  1. What does he mean when he says "Apples or oranges"? And does the piece really end there, or am I missing a second page?

  2. Does he mean that the Oscar competition, comparing altogether different movies, is meaningless?

  3. That would be my assumption, yes: Fincher was going to make a satirical comment, like, wow, now we have truly decided which of these good movies was 'the best'.

    Good piece! Thanks, Gould, for putting it on. And thanks TH and everybody else, who let us know of this item!

  4. Great find, thanks TH.

  5. Damn! They hid the flower in my city today, (Barcelona) but I didn't get a chance to check Twitter till I got home from work and somebody beat me to it! That's what I get for not having Internet service on my cellphone, I guess.