Treats From Stockholm: Interview w/ David Fincher

A quick one for those who have and those who haven't yet checked out the Dragon Tattoo press conference posted by Mikez. Here's another short one-on-one with David Fincher!

Thanks, Philipp, for the link.


  1. Great questions from the interviewer. In my perception, Fincher wasn't really able to answer why it's important that it's shot in Sweden.

  2. I agree, although he's been able to articulate his thoughts regarding that subject matter in previous interviews. I'm thinking of the news conference in Stockholm when he said he likes Sweden's "unique mix of remote countryside and cosmopolitan capital."

  3. "What is specifically swedish?" was a good (and hard to answer quickly) question indeed :)

    Man, I can't keep up with all the great stuff you guys are posting :P

    PS. Press conference links were all posted by Robert Paulson, not me. Just giving credit where credit is due ;)

  4. tHE VIDEO IS MINE please thank me Nuskaturra