Vintage Accident Footage: Dragon Tattoo Viral!

+++ UPDATE 10/22 +++
Must-read new link added below for some insights into the whatishiddeninsnow mystery! Wow! Definitely check this out!

Watch this curios drive-by of a plot-essential car-accident in David Fincher's upcoming "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Commentors in youtube claim to have spotted David Fincher in the footage (like where?) or for a license plate at :51 in to read "glance" backwards (which is true).

Rather curious indeed.

Visit for some additional bewilderment. And if you can make sense of any of this -- or even as much as you believe you do --, do share your thoughts in the comments below.


New link (Update 10/22):


  1. Did anyone find the map of an address in L.A in said website?

  2. Looks like during the scene the let some kid film it with an 8mm camera. The stock they chose was poor as it does not REALLY look like that time period. Its a neat idea though!

  3. I can assume pretty certainly that they used a Swedish-made or similar hand held camera made during the time period the scene takes place, and they probably scoured the globe for some of the last remaining feet of film that would have been used for that camera.

    Do you know who's making this movie?