French report on Dragon Tattoo : 'The Perfect Casting'


Week-end supplement of major french newspaper Le Monde has an exclusive look on Fincher's next film.

The magazine features yet unseen Jean-Baptiste Mondino photographs. The magazine also had a talk with Fincher.

For Fincher fans everywhere, I translated the most interesting parts. The director somehow relates to Dragon Tattoo author with whom he seems to share a personal trauma. Like Zodiac affected Fincher's life ('I never got over it'), 15 years old Sieg Larsson allegedly witnessed a collective rape and by not standing in the way suffered from guilt all his life.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino/Sony Pictures.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino/Sony Pictures.

Full portfolio here.

Excerpts :

I'm considered as an expert in perversion but Larsson raised the bar very high with his trilogy

My movie's not pretty, it's brutal. And its violence totally makes sense in Sweden's immaculate landscape

Swedish society seems to be very tolerant and calm. But as soon as you dig beneath it, you find the dark side of the country. Dragon Tattoo succeeds in showing in what way fascism moved from the political sphere toward finance's.
- David Fincher
About the notorious rape scene :

I want the moviegoer to understand how revenge makes Lisbeth happy. Her pleasure must be perceptible on screen
- David Fincher
Go to online french magazine here.


  1. You're welcome!

    Stockholm's film festival films announced in 11 days let's cross our fingers they get ww premiere!

  2. That would be nice... and big thank you to Sweden. If they get the premiere you have to be there with some recording device... in case there is a Q&A ;)

    Maybe a Mouth-Taped-Shut insider could leak us some info on what are they planning for the festival... ;)

  3. I just purchased a ticket to a Monday night work in progress screening of a film to be released in 2011 by a master filmmaker at the NYFF. It maybe wishful thinking on my part but I'm guessing/hoping/praying for Dragon Tattoo, perhaps in a state that will only be seen once.

    That would be really cool. But we'll see what monday brings.

  4. Kevin this sounds fantastic! We all know there's only one master filmmaker who releases his movie in 2011 ;) Keeping my fingers crossed!

    ...and I will have to wait like... forever. Damn it!

  5. Thanks Gould.

    And Kevin, if it's indeed Dragon Tattoo, you're gonna have to tell us all about it. ;)

    Cheers everyone.

  6. These photos are simply stunning. Thanks Gould for your efforts. I love what Fincher has to say about the deeper themes there. Wow, ...and he is a filmmaker I totally trust when it comes to transfering these ambitions to screen!

  7. I'm on my way to Stockholm. Sony Pictures get us some tickets please !!




  9. After last year’s David Fincher's most expensive and longest Commercial ever: The Social Network. A two hour long movie about a guy who goes to Silicon Valley to become billionaire making some kind of web it's name I cannot remember. A movie dense in dialogue about a triumphal nerd. Who wants to see that? Stuff done in California, with money from California. The message was clear, if you have any good idea, just come to California. This is the place. And the movie was great I must say.

    This Christmas, seems that we are approaching to the inverse move. I was thinking on it since the moment I knew Fincher was making a remake of Stieg Larsson millennium trilogy. The films were done few years ago. Why remaking them? I had some weird ideas but this post has confirmed everything I was thinking on.
    This is going to be probably the feel bad movie of the year that will make you hate Swedish socialism and society. I haven't seen the movie of course. I desire to do so; Fincher is one of my all time favorite directors and the best in his field. I guess by what I've just read that the message once again is going to be straight to the head of the spectator. Sweden, a beautiful country, they have money and big companies around the world but don't go there. They are fucking fascist. Again, a movie made in California, with money from California. Once again California is the place to go.
    And do you know what? I would love to go there. I Really do. I like how they work and I like how they think.
    I guess The Propaganda works!
    I have been in Sweden; I like it so much, too cold for me maybe. But I made good friends there. I hope to go back soon.
    Anyway, I am sure we will all enjoy it as much as other Fincher movies.

    P.S.: While I was writing, this video came to my mind.

  10. or maybe I'm wrong...
    The movie opens in Spain this friday!. Crazy to see it!