Fincher Goes H&M

OMG. I would have thought this to be an April Fools item. But obviously the Swedes are serious about this one: Dragon Tattoo's costumer designer Trish Summerville was asked to create a fashion line based on the film's lead character, Lisbeth Salander aka Rooney Mara. Hm, they are really taking this all the way, aren't they?

The anorexic 30-piece collection includes items like torn jeans and leather jackets and will be sold in 180 H&M stores worldwide December 14. I know you can't wait for this. But man, I wish they would have done the same thing for FIGHT CLUB. No wait, for ZODIAC.

Well, let's hope they will give us a Blomkvist aka Daniel Craig collection as well. Big thanks to Robert Paulson for this contribution. It really made my day!
Let's hear what you consumers think...

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  1. They should have got "David Fincher, director" to comment on this clothing line thing. That should have been fun, right?

  2. Fight Club collection would consist of the following items:

    Two black shirts. Two pair black trousers. One pair black boots. Two pair black socks. One black coat... and three hundred dollars of personal burial money ;)