Dragon Tattoo Secret Screening?

L.A. New Beverly cinema is throwing invitations for a 'Free Sneak Preview of a Secret Movie' this Tuesday, November 1st.

Could it be that this 'R rated movie' from an 'Oscar nominated movie' 'being released later this year' is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

If you plan to attend the screening drop us a message!

New Beverly Cinema Home Page


  1. I recently stumbled upon this blog, which has been a terrific resource for a class I'm teaching. It's a class on three filmmakers, one of which is David Fincher. So, thank you for the blog!

    The film that's been screened, however, is Young Adult by Jason Reitman.

    In their description, they mention that the film has been has screened in numerous other venues. I did a little bit of research, trying to see what "secret" film has screened at those venues and they all point to Young Adult.

    These are some sources:




    The last link is a Facebook page for one of the theaters, which states that the surprise film was, indeed, Young Adult.

    I won't be able to go, either way, so I'm kind of glad it's not The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I'm not missing out!

  2. Thank you Armen for your comment. So it's a false alert. We'll keep you posted on possible upcoming premiere of the movie. As I am convinced the film will have a premiere in Europe, possibly at the Swedish film institute, who knows?