Fight Club Gone Haywire

The Playlist talked with Steven Soderbergh about his upcoming 'anti-Bourne' action movie called 'Haywire'.

We learn that for the fight sequences he watched and 'reversed engineered (in his head)' David Fincher's Fight Club. And if you ask me, that is not surprising, you could already feel Fincher's influence in his sleek movie 'A Girlfriend Experience'.

He’s a master. So I would study the film and look to see where he was cutting, but not just when he was cutting, but why.
- Steven Soderbergh

Watch 'Haywire' trailer :

Watch fan made 'A Girlfriend Experience' music video that feels very Fincheresque to me.

Read Soderbergh's talk here.


  1. hey Fincher fans!
    if you go to IMDB you can see at David's profile this:

    I'm always surprised at how seriously people take movies
    (about the reaction of Fight Club)

    well, I find this very interesting because he's one of my personal hero. why? because he makes really serious pictures, I mean we all know who he is right?
    It's yust strange because he do takes pictures REALLY seriusly, and that is why we admire him.
    He's tough personality and attitude is legendery in the movie business
    Why did he say that?

  2. Maybe he would say that because of the backlash back when FC was released.

    Now that I watch again Haywire trailer, the female character seems to have connections with Lisbeth Salander, physically speaking...