David Fincher's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Update

CINEMA BLEND has some news regarding Fincher's "70% CGI" project.

CB got a chance to sit down with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns to talk about adapting Jules Vernes' visionary novel to the big screen. Shooting could start next spring when Fincher's through pre-visualization work.

We also learn this could be a "really big" project in terms of production scale and breadth of adventure. The challenge for Burns being not just turning the book into a movie but taking the material as a source of inspiration to develop characters.

CB plans to release a full interview with Burns soon. So we'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile read full article Here


  1. "Given that Fincher hasn't worked on a large scale movie since Alien 3..."

    Pardon me?

  2. Yes, Benjamin Button was a "small" film ;-)