Luckiest Dude In The World!

Fanatics! Sorry it's been quiet on the blog for a couple days. For one, Fincher should be finished with principle production for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and post traditionally doesn't make for a very well publicised stage in the process -- unless you're shooting "Benjamin Button". Anyway, to keep your Fincher receptors amused, check out this more than amazing story of a lucky Swede, who landed himself a cameo in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

Thanks, Inge, for the story as well as your translation!

Here's the official story:


A passport control at the airport led to a role as an extra in the film The girl with the dragon tattoo for Kennet Karlsson.
Kennet Karlsson has been working as a police officer in Stockholm since 1999. He previously worked in the crime unit and is now working as a border inspector at Arlanda airport. One day last winter at Arlanda airport he met director David Fincher through passport control. Kennet Karlsson, who is very interested in film, did not miss the opportunity to speak to Fincher.
“I find it easy to talk to people. I started with the phrase "I'm Probably the biggest movie fan in Sweden". He was easy to talk to”.
David Fincher has been in Sweden directing "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", the American remake of the Millennium movie "Men Who Hate Women". They started to small talk about Finchers movies, a topic that Kennet Karlsson know all about.
- I said I understand that "Alien 3" was a big mess of a movie. He testified that it was because the production had so many executives that his directing role became virtually zero.
Fincher had no high opinion of his own contribution as a director until the thriller "The Game" with Michael Douglas. He said nothing bad about any actor he had worked with says Karlsson.
Was keen to see the Shooting of the Film.
Some days later Karlsson met a woman who also worked on the U.S. Millennium film. “It seemed like fate that she came to me of all the border inspectors at the airport”. “She said that Fincher had mentioned something about "Sweden's biggest movie fan." I took the opportunity, and said I would really appreciate if I could come on the set one day. so I could see how a big Hollywood production works in real life. She promised nothing but said she would "take it to Fincher."
But she did not take down Karlsson contact details and he did not think more of it.
A week later, Karlsson boss said that the casting company, in charge of extras for a film, had telephoned him and offered Karlsson a role as an extra on the film. He got the number to the Swedish agent.
“I called him back right away and just submitted some pictures and info about me. Some days later the casting agent called me back and told what day we were filming the scene. It would be an early summer shot in Stockholm. It will be a short scene where I won`t have any lines.

This has got to be one of the coolest anecdotes I have heard about a fanatic getting lucky, or what? Come to think of it, we should all get a part in "20.000 Leagues..."!


  1. I work with this "Lycky Dude" and I can assure you than one day he will have a more prominent part in a film. He can move rocks just by talking :-)

  2. Haha, so sweet of you to drop in! Tell him, the Fincher fans say hi and congratulate him to his being in the movie.

  3. Thanks, but i was cut out of the movie unfortunately! :-). The scene at the end where Mara or Salander is walking at the airport and throwing the gun away in a toilet...we filmed a sequence when she´s passing two guards[me and my friend] but that was cut out. If you read this, David..please include it on the upcoming BD/DVD! :-). Another scene we did was also cut. Hmm, should i take this personally!? :-). Hope he makes the other two in Sweden, i´m available! :-)