The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Poster Designer Interview

The Playlist has an exclusive interview with amazing designer Neil Kellerhouse.

Neil Kellerhouse's may not sound familiar yet for the movie crowd, but his work is already in all minds. He designed many DVD covers for the luxurious Criterion Collection, and has been repeatedly working with Steven Soderbergh (check out his Girlfriend Experience poster, both poster and movie are great). Kellerhouse logically made connection with Fincher through Soderbergh as both directors share a unique and bold approach for visuals and marketing their films.

The Social Network movie poster that was him, and he did it again for TGWTDT using a photo by French fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino (who by the way shares something in common with Fincher : both directed Madonna music videos).

We learn that the photo was shot in Sweden and that we can also expect a final poster and maybe more by Kellerhouse.

[Fincher's] been true to his personality, he’s unwavering that way.
- Neil Kellerhouse

Check out Kellerhouse's work on his web site.

Read Playlist interview here.


  1. His website link doesnt work by the way. And its amazing not awazing. not to be picky :)

  2. Post updated Anonymous. My apology. It's right to be picky when it comes to spelling ;-)

  3. No problem mate, you have a fantastic blog here. I visit it religiously. :) keep updating! :)

  4. He might have given unnaturally overhyped Se7en and "Social Network"...But this one s truly amazing....
    Definitely,a collector's item