More Stockholm Q&A

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I am still hoping to see a video recording of this event. But while we are waiting for this, other reporting from the event will do: Here's a few more extracts of what Fincher had to say at his "Actor's Studio" appearance in Stockholm recently.

Asked if in his recent "Millennium" remake he thought he had managed to capture a sense of "scandinavian noir" he replied:

"Yeah, yeah. What I thought was interesting about the story from the beginning was that feeling of something hermetically sealed, something you can not get away, something Agatha Christie-ish."

And judging by the jubilant surprise trailer that was shown at the end of the call will Finchers version of the book to be much harder, tougher, dirtier and more violent than the Swedish film. However, he was completely uninterested in making comparisons with the original movie "Men Who Hate Women", because he believes that his film is not even finished yet.

There are still a number of shooting days left in Stockholm, told a black-clad Fincher and rubbed a little tired in the eyes before the devout listening audience which mainly consisted of film students.

His best advice to the younger part of the audience was: Do not wait for permission. Adding, young filmmakers today have no excuse to not do what they want.

"You just need a good script and a camera. Then you can put your movie on youtube. Hollywood is full of agents who only have the task to scan the network for future talent. You do not need a theatrical distribution or film festivals to reach out!

As for the choice number of filming in Sweden Fincher said that it was obvious. He spoke almost in love on how he found some Swedish cobbled streets that made him absolutely sure, the movie must play here.

"I'm always looking for places that 'feel' just like the next movie I see before me. After all this time I feel like I got to know Stockholm. I've biked around a lot and of course seen the places I had wanted to know before recording."

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  1. the whole q & a must've been something.

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    Short clip from the Q & A. Not that great quality but still a proof that this might have been recorded and someone has the whole interview ;)

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    I want to see that interview and I want to see it now!

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