Impressive First Look: Dragon Tattoo Artwork ***UPDATED 06/03/11***

Remember a couple of months ago when it surfaced that Fincher had shot Rooney Mara naked and that chances were we would never see it? Looks like Fincher eventually got his way when looking at this early teaser poster, both Canadian and American for the smaller version.

Sticker across Canadian poster says "Film awaiting rating". You bet!

Funnier is the Canadian official web site's name "".

UPDATE 06/03/11 : Official website is up and running.


  1. That sticker should already say: "Highest Grossing R-Rated Movie of the Year" ;)

    Badass poster.

  2. Could put a bottle of cologne in the top one and that wouldn't look half bad.

    Thanks so much fincherfinatic btw for keeping on top of things, really appreciate all these updates.

  3. Amazing! Thanks, Gould. Where did these surface?

  4. /Film

    And another info :

    We're gonna be busy this summer ;-)

  5. Regarding the Canadian website's name. The original title of both the book and the film is "Men who hate women" in Swedish

  6. official website is up & running