Fincher Panics Again

New York Magazine's entertainment website Vulture has a scoop : David Fincher options Manhattan murder thriller "Panic Attack".

Jason Starr's 2009 crime novel is about a NY shrink getting self-defense and the victim's revenge. Ocean's Eleven and Tower Heist's screenwriter Ted Griffin is set to adapt the book. "Panic Attack" therefore might become the first feature of Fincher's new production company Panic Pictures. Isn't that a good coincidence?

Of course, as with loads of projects Fincher has been attached with, no words yet as if he intends to direct it himself or just produce it. We'll keep you informed if the news develops.

Read Vulture's exclusive here.

The book's excerpt here.


  1. I assume that "Dragon Tattoo" will be a massive box office hit, so now it would be the best time for him to tackle some dream project... if he has one ;)

    I would love to see him direct a sci-fi movie. It doesn't have to be necessarily "Rama".

    But I also have to say this "Panic Attack" sounds very interesting... :)

  2. i would love to see him make "fertig", the closest thing to a dream project i felt he had on his plate. but i guess it fell apart years ago.

    and people might bug me for this, but i would love to see him make "20000 leagues under the sea". i can only imagine the action sequences and the scope...

  3. what about 'the bug'? I don't read graphic novels, but because this one was linked to both fincher and silent shout, I bought it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    and even before i read it, i saw the synopsis on the list of fincher-possibles, and i thought 'he would KILL this.' man, would that be sweet. talk about a feel-bad movie...