Filming In Sweden About To Wrap

At the Actors Studio event in Stockholm, David Fincher indicated the exhausting stretch of principal photography on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" will be coming to an end in mid June. That's one week from now. And that's not counting reshoots...

It's amazing and thrilling to see the media campaign kicking off for the film. To be honest, everything we have seen so far -- the red-band teaser trailer, the nsfw poster with a bare Rooney Mara -- have a hard-hitting rawness to them that I quite enjoy. It sounds, looks and feels like a perfect match of director and material. I am sure, we are all keen on seeing this campaign rolling out.

To keep you amused along the way, here is more news from Fincher's Sweden sets. Please do take a moment to say 'thanks' to Inge, who is bringing you all this amazing news from the trenches!

Adding to this video, here is a newspaper set report of David Fincher, Daniel Craig and a hundred-man crew invading the train station of Sollefteå for a day... for probably as much as 15 Mikael Blomkvist on-screen seconds.

Just like last time, on April 29, the railway station in Sollefteå was turned into a movie set. The signs for Solleftå were replaced with Hedestad, the whole station area was closed off. The more than 100 man-sized film crew, with director David Fincher and star actor Daniel Craig in the lead, invaded the town.
They came in on Tuesday night and checked into the hotel Hallstaberget.
Early on Wednesday morning, already 5 o'clock, most were in place to begin preparations. About 25 extras, including several from Sollefteå amateur theatre, were included.
Around 14 o'clock Fincher liked what he got and what he needed, and he and his crew left. Just hours later, the station was empty and the entire film crew on their way to Stockholm again.
In Sollefteå they hope that the movie will be a hit so the next films in the series will also be filmed there. Then, maybe, Sollefteå can be Sollywood for real.



  1. thanks for keeping us afloat!

  2. Thanks again Inge!

    I tried to find some more stuff from the Cinemateket interview... but no luck so far. I only found this quite funny video. It's like a witness account ;) They start to talk about the interview somwhere around 8:30.

    Unfortunately they couldn't videotape it. Oh.. and after the interview there was a showing of Klute (1971)... Fincher chose the movie ;)

  3. These reports really aren't all that interesting. Better than nothing nonetheless.