FilmFreaks Tribute To David Fincher

If you can squeeze a couple minutes out of your day, then watch this tribute to marvel at the milestone films of David Fincher. It's certainly easy for a fanatic to get carried away. But all fandom aside, I believe Fincher has created an outstanding filmography, marked by exceptional movies and a few truly timeless, truly indelible images.

What I love about tributes of all sorts, is that each has its own feel to it. You will know what I mean, when you watch this one.



  1. HMM. Good but wouldnt watch again. thanks for all these updates to fincherfanatic btw!

    congrats on the banner! we should have rotating ones like

  2. This video is a bit to slow... but it still makes me congratulate myself for the fact that Fincher is my favorite director :P

  3. Great video! Great music. :)