Trailer Alert & Description

Sony has released a red-band trailer for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" in Sweden and France yesterday and announced the regular green-band trailer to arrive next week, (June 2nd), across the US as well as online. But the best part is: Someone claims to have caught a first look at the trailer and gave their account...

"So a few thoughts on this, anyone that is worried about it not following the [book] can put that worry to bed. This looks to be as graphic if not more then the [original]. The trailer consists of a bunch of quick cuts of scenes from the movie. Alot of things from the [original] that we only see in still photos and hear characters talk about are actually filmed and shown. Any worry about Rooney Mara not looking the part don’t need to worry. There is a shot in the trailer of her topless pulling on a shirt much like Noomi Rapace does in the others. Mara looks the part for sure. Skinny as Rapace, only thing it looks like they may have done is toned down the punk look some. But not alot. Not sure what else to say other then the trailer was very intense, it was set to Led Zeppelins immigrant song."

Thanks to everyone emailing me on these.

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  1. Can we at least expect red band cam over YouTube? I'm dying to see something already! And now more and more imdb users claim to have seen the trailer...

    Fingers crossed for this one!

  2. i want a cam version too. right now... hehe.

  3. More info on trailer

  4. oops, bad link.

  5. This wait is killing me... I'm going to my cave until they release it... . I'm going to my cave and I'm going to find my power animal ;)