More Fincher Filmschool

Let's see, we had Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst and Courteney Cox Arquette get the special David Fincher masterclass treatment. Now, Mark Ruffalo talks about his share of the master's hands-on advice... for his first directorial effort, Sympathy for Delicious.

It seems actors are naturally well-equipped for making the transition from in front of the camera to taking the helms behind the scenes. Actors of this caliber have worked with a host of talented directors, in some cases directors who rank among the best working directors in the world.

In this brief article Ruffalo shares some of the insights he gained from Martin Scorsese, Jane Campion and David Fincher. And I'd certainly be interested to see how well he did with his own movie, given these brilliant mentors.

Wow, even more so I'd be interested to get a five hour brain-picking "screenplay" masterclass with Fincher.

Big thanks to Inge for this contribution!

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