It's About Making Movies, Not Making Friends

Here's a short report of how the Cinematheque "Actors Studio" with David Fincher went down. Shooting for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" will last until mid June... that's "only" three more weeks to go for Fincher and his crew -- after an exhausting 133 days already.


Let me pass on the translation as I received it.
Big thanks to our contributor from Norway, Inge!

Fincher after 133 days recording in Sweden: Should be able to sleep one weeks.
Now we know how Lisbeth Salander is the U.S.
David Fincher was in going up a taste of "The girl with the dragon tattoo".
The poster line: "The feel bad movie of Christmas" - Christmas feel bad movie.
Director David Fincher, 49, came directly from the filming of "The girl with the dragon tattoo" when he yesterday visited the Cinematheque in Stockholm.
- A good day, "said David Fincher. Day 133rd We're ready in mid-June. I'm pretty tired now, I could sleep for a week.
He likes Stockholm
But he was healthy during the call that ended with a tour of the teaser for "The girl with the dragon tattoo", which was released to theaters this Christmas.
The audience got to see many scenes, many with Daniel Craig who plays reporter Mikael Blomkvist. Plus, Stellan Skarsgard, Christopher Plummer and Steven Berkoff. They played out both in Stockholm and at the family Vangers goods, and has a rapid pulse and high intensity.
Film critic Roger Wilson Fincher interviewed about their careers, an interesting conversation about, among other films "Se7en," "Fight Club" and "Benjamin Button".
"Alien 3 stink"
Have you seen the Swedish "Men who hate women"?
- Yes, it was beautiful. A stylish thriller. Naomi Rapace was incredibly compelling and convincing.
David Fincher says he now feels at home in Stockholm.
- The last three weeks I have cycled around and walked in Stockholm. Come to know the town. Now I see places we should have used. But it is always. It should be in each city for five months in advance.
David Fincher knew the age of 7 he wanted to be a director. He began working with rock video and did include the "Express Yourself" and "Vogue" for Madonna and "Freedom" for George Michael.
His first feature film was "Alien 3" - a big flop.
- The stench. It was a terrible lesson, but it was my most important lesson.
Se7en breakthrough
His second film "Se7en" is a skillful nightmare on the hunt for a serial killer. Since then, Fincher has been successful.
- It's about to "make movies, not make friends," says David Fincher.

Our favorite Swedish paper ever:


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  3. Interesting, the TEASER LEAKED :)

    Looks like Fincher in the 90s

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  5. Interesting, the TEASER LEAKED :)

    Looks like Fincher in the 90s



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