Garfield & Eisenberg Interview

I'll leave it up to you, whether or not this is to be considered "old news". This interviews obviously stems from the short but intense "The Social Network" promotional time period. However, it is a good actor's perspective on working on that film and with Fincher, and at 38 minutes might make for a good item on you lunch break playlist.

A big 'thank you' to dedicated contributor Fitz for this find.


  1. Hey FincherFantastic. I am actually doing a study on David Fincher and I wanted to thank you for such a great recourse of information on the very talented filmmaker. You have provided me with many links full of great information on Fincher.

    I wanted to point out a few more links to the Social Network DP/30 interviews.

    The Social Network, editors Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter:

    The Social Network, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin:

    The Social Network,actor Armie Hammer:

    I would say The editor interview with Wall and Baxter is the best of all four interviews. You hear them talk a lot about the way Fincher works,the material he gives them to edit with, and how he works with them personally. You even hear a little bit about The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, the movie they are editing at the time they are being interviewed.

    You can also go to Movie City News DP/30 to stay updated on the interviews that they make. Here is the link:

    Again thanks for the wealth of information and thanks also for the links you made to my blog. Have a great day!

  2. LOL... Watch at 26:25, could hardly believe my ears!

  3. 27:10. Quote: "Uhm uh for for the for the for the very few movies that I've that I've that I've done and I and I I've I I kind of I kind of appreciate each one e- in- in- in- e- e- equally uhm uh but but but but yeah it's it's it's not like I I don't I don't think it's anything to do with well this would be a good idea to do."

    How in the hell did this guy become an actor?!!!

  4. If you posted the same joke twice, you're an idiot. If both of you posted the same joke, you're both idiots. Now shut the hell up!