Se7en: Awesomeness On Celluloid

It seems that every now and then I need a reminder of just exactly how incredibly awesome David Fincher's work is. For sakes of giving Alien³ a breather, let's pretend Se7en was Fincher's "first real movie", and the amazing thing about it is, ever since I first saw it in theaters it has grown on and stuck with me -- and it seems so it did with others.

Big thanks to Josie, who pointed me to this amazing review of the film. Thankfully the person who wrote it posted a couple of screenshots as well, which serve as the best reminder of this striking and timeless early accomplishment. If it weren't that I literally just bought The Social Network on BluRay yesterday and cannot wait to watch that, I would love to pop in Se7en right now and have myself a good stun.

To me, Se7en still holds up as one of the best films ever made overall, and especially one of the most gut-wrenching and perfect-in-every-way endings conceivable.

Gotta love Fincher.

Here's the review:

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