Anti-Social Fincher

The Hollywood Reporter publishes what could be considered as milestone profile on Fincher.

Let's put it this way : this is probably the most extensive profile on Fincher ever published. Where Fincher himself comments on his career, as well as the professionals he worked with.

Call him a "sociopath" (as he described himself not so long ago during a NY premiere), anti-authoritarian, whatever you wish. You'll just be reading about a guy who just shot the poster of his upcoming movie featuring a naked Rooney Mara. Bold move, unlikely to be featured in your local movie theater, but will surely generate good publicity.

You're in charge, but you're not in control (...). Anybody who thinks they are in control is nuts.
David Fincher

As for the movie industry, he's eventually the man who grossed $1.53B worldwide. And that may justify/excuse the don't-mess-with-me person he's supposed to be.

Read this amazing THR's article


  1. This website is mentioned in the article! Great read. What it would be like to visit his studio...

  2. Great job, Gould. This is one of the best, condensed profiles of David Fincher I have come across.

  3. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. It's kind of hard to picture some assistant at The Hollywood Reporter calling David Fincher: "We're doing this profile piece on you, we'd like for you to come in and do a photoshoot."

    I can only imagine how much he must hate the very thought of it...

  5. Let's assume Fincher is not that anti-social anymore. "Succès oblige" ;-)

    And also let's rejoice because Dragon teaser trailer should come out in a few months now...

  6. Hey is there any way to see Fincher's ANTI SMOKING AD previously posted on this blog? When you click the link the YouTube video is private.

    Please help

  7. Here's Fincher's "Smoking Fetus" ad on Coloribus:

    It seems, there is a technical problem with the comments, since I have posted this before a couple of days ago and sometimes it would show up and mostly it wouldn't. For everyone interested in giving this classic Fincher commercial another viewing, I hope this comment works this time around...