Fincher's Masterpiece "Se7en" On BluRay!

It's not a new and hot title that's coming to your home video collection this week, it's actually a movie that's some 15 odd years old. But in my honest opinion: The BluRay book for "Se7en" might be among the best releases to buy in all of 2010.

I'll be honest about the downsides: Virtually every fan of David Fincher's work owns this movie already, whether as a single disc DVD or as the wonderfully done 2-Disc Special Edition DVD, jam-packed with commentaries and additional material. That brings us to downside #2: As it seems, WB didn't bother to produce new commentary tracks or any new bonus material. I'd be delighted if someone who has already bought this BluRay can claim otherwise, but from what I get from different reviews all bonus material is the exact same from the 2-Disc DVD.

In essence: You will probably own this film already and you will probably even have watched all the specials already. The only argument to buy this then would be that WB did seem to make sure to give you a crisp and brilliant HD transfer of the film, that will make it look better than ever on your home cinemas.

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Here's a run down of different reviews and opinions:

There's absolutely nothing new that you haven't seen before. I find it hard to believe that nothing more could be said, that a retrospective on the importance of this film to the thriller genre couldn't have been put together, or even throwing in your typical making-of featurette.


Warner Brothers delivers Se7en to Blu-ray with a fantastically filmic 1080p transfer that dazzles through every shadowy detail and and low-light environment that define the bulk of the film. Blacks are critical to Se7en, and this first-class Blu-ray transfer handles them to perfection (...) All told, Se7en represents one of the most natural, absorbing, and breathtakingly filmic transfers available on Blu-ray.


Presented in 2.35:1 high definition widescreen using the VC-1 codec, Se7en looks amazing on Blu-ray. Fincher's blacks are replicated in deep, dark consistent form throughout the film, skin tones and soft lights are reproduced accurately, with a thin layer of film grain popping in now and again during the feature. (...) I was startled at just how amazing Se7en looked.


I've never seen this many versions of darkness before, except in a black and white film. From inky black to grey, there's detail everywhere: droplets of rain on Morgan Freeman's coat, fine wisps of hair on Gweneth Paltrow's neck as she sleeps in bed, doggie foot prints on apartment door windows, costumes, sets. (...) This is the best I've ever seen the movie, from VHS, to the two North American DVDs, and even on HD cable. There is simply no comparison. An amazing upgrade where the film's clarity and shades of darkness complement one another wonderfully.


While I can’t imagine it was an easy task, the folks behind this transfer did a wonderful job preserving this look while still cleaning up and sharpening the overall image to an impressive degree. (...) New Line/Warner Brothers have given one of the 90’s most important films the Blu-ray treatment it deserves, with a stunning transfer, excellent audio quality, and a dizzying array of extras, earning this release my highest possible recommendation.


And also: There is an interesting comparison of the earlier "Alliance" BluRay release with this one, even a shot by shot comparison of the images and transfer. So for those of you, who dig the really technical stuff, check out this review.

Btw. as states, this BluRay disc is region code free and includes English, German, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language tracks as well as additional language subtitles.

I hope to hear from some of you, who have already bought and watched this BluRay. What's your personal fanatic review?

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  1. At the end of the movie Brad Pitt's and Kevin Spaceys character are played by stunt doubles. ITS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. The bit where Morgan looks in the box and then back at Brad and Kevin in the middle of the field, THERE FRICKING DOUBLES! THEY LOOKING NOTHING LIKE! THERE NOT EVEN DOING ANY STUNTS! WTF?