The Social Network Interview Sessions

I don't understand why we haven't seen more of these yet. Here's a series of interviews with the leading cast of "The Social Network" -- from French magazine Allocine. Not to worry: It is in English, with French subs. And it does give you an exclusive glimpse of the French teaser...

Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg talk about Facebook, the power of the internet, and do the usual press-appraisal for David Fincher's movie. And while people doing press usually go overboard with how great and incredible and awe-inspiring their latest movie is -- in this case: I totally believe it.

The three actors seem to agree that Fincher and his team have created yet another masterful story, "of epic scope", with "universal themes". And once again, as Fincher did with "Zodiac" the three agree he doesn't force-feed any solutions and happy endings.

Totally looking forward to this movie!

On ne se fait pas
500 millions d'amis
sans se faire
quelques ennemis

Here's the link to the video:


  1. Still can't wrap my head around Timberlake in a Fincher movie. Justin Timberlake? Gotta love Garfield, though, he's fantastic. Great actor, perfect casting. But Timberlake?!! Come on! You people better believe Garfield will steal the movie from Jesse Eisenberg in every single scene.

  2. Wait for the movie. I'm sure you'll be surprised Timberlake is actually a talented actor.

  3. The difference between the french trailer and the english one..

    Creep cover :
    english trailer " You're so Veryyy* special"
    French trailer " You're so Fuuucking* special"!!
    love it

    ok ok i am french