Films That Scar Special & Sweepstake

+++ UPDATE 08/11/2010 +++
As a special treat, and thanks again to author Mark Browning, I've added a second free and exclusive teaser article not included in "David Fincher: Films that scar".
As Browning says, if you don't like it, it's not in the book. If you do like it: there's more in the book.

Make sure to download an two exclusive free articles not included in Mark Browning's book and sign up for the fantastic giveaway of an autographed copy of "David Fincher: Films that scar".

First and foremost I would like thank author Mark Browning for making this special possible. His highly recommendable analysis of Fincher's filmography in commercials, music video and predominantly film is available in bookstores everywhere or through

Exclusively on Browning offers you a taste of what his book is like with this these two free articles -- about Stanley Kubrick and David Fincher and their perfectionist similarities, and about "the good death in Alien3".

Download PDF "Kubrick" here
Download PDF "The Good Death" here  [NEW]

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Good luck to all.


  1. It's incredible what lenghts film "scientists" like Browning go to when they argue in favour of interpretations the director's would just shake their heads to, and ask "Where did this come from?". Film and Science at University just don't go together... Film is not Physics or Chemistry. After reading these excerpts, I can say I much prefer James Swallows' book Dark Eye, which I enjoyed very much, as it doesn't have the pretense and snotty british tone of Browning.

  2. The excerpts from the book are a good read, thanks for those! Makes me interested about the book... hope I will win! :) otherwise I'll get a copy of it in the bookstore!