The Social Network will debut at New York Film Festival September 24th

The 48th Annual NY Film Festival will show David Fincher's new film "The Social Network" on its opening night.

Once again, after Zodiac and Benjamin Button, the Film Society of Lincoln Center selects a Fincher film this time for its festival opening. This is clearly a major push for The Social Network.

"It's exceptionally rare to discover a film that so powerfully captures the spirit of its time."

– Richard Peña

Program Director Richard Peña also raves about the film : "It's exceptionally rare to discover a film that so powerfully captures the spirit of its time. The Social Network is such a film. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin are a director/writer team, like Lumet and Chayefsky before them, that make this movie not only of the moment, but reflective of larger cultural issues as well, and confirm their position at forefront of contemporary cinema".

Producer Scott Rudin also comments on the film : "This is the rare example of a movie that is about something that is happening at this very moment. It’s about ambition, it’s about greed. It’s about betrayal. It’s about friendship. It’s about trying to be on the inside of something when you feel, terminally, on the outside of everything."

If anyone of you plans on going to NY this fall let us know by posting your comments below !

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  1. Jesus... I can't wait to see this movie.

  2. Word from Film Linc, is that there will be another talk with Fincher as well! The Ben Button one was great, but I missed the Zodiac one.

  3. I was actually at both talk. Zodiac was memorable thanks to a perfect digital projection and Fincher was unusually cool.