No Pawn Sacrifice

The Playlist contradicts recent reports of Fincher tackling "Pawn Sacrifice" next. Quoting unnamed sources, The Playlist claims to have learned Fincher was only advising on "Pawn" and has instead opted to direct the adaptation of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" next, right after completing his press rounds for the Facebook movie.

It's a wicked rumor mill. One that should rightfully rattle and bang behind closed doors. With every project Fincher even considers, fanatics everywhere get their hopes up for another unique vision from the master -- only to end up with an ever bloating wishlist of projects that will never make it to the big screen, "Rendezvous With Rama", Fincher "Spider-Man", Fincher "Batman", "Seared", "Fertig", "Chef", "Black Hole", "Ness", "The Killer", and all the rest of them.

As with "The Social Network" I will believe the Playlist's latest claim once I see a first trailer. Until then, with Fincher, nothing is decided.

The greatest real news about this? Repeatedly it's being mentioned that Sony is very pleased with "The Social Network". Which should fuel anticipation for a great new Fincher experience this fall. And at the same time it should give Fincher some time of from now all through the summer to stun us with a couple of commercials, hey, and maybe a new music videos one of these days. And of course: A couple more rumors!

Thanks to Christophe for digging this up:


  1. Wasn't Paramount very pleased with Benjamin Button first? And then not so much, because it was too long? And then again pleased, because otherwise it would be bad PR?

  2. Anonymous, please give it a fucking rest. Fincher did Social Network, the experience is almost over. Soon he'll have another project for you to moan incessantly about. Not every project Fincher undertakes will be your cup of tea. It's okay. Life goes on.

  3. Oh crap, are you saying that it was just another weakly confirmed 'I have considered'-rumour about Fincher and Dragon? I just wrote it as fact on my Stieg Larsson fan-site ... :(