A Million Ways

See if you can spot the bow to one of Fincher's most iconic quotes in this new campaign by Philips: "There are Millions of Ways to Tell a Story. There's Only One Way to Watch One."

It's mildly amazing how this slogan in this variation doesn't even make sense, not in the slightest way. But hey: That's advertising!

What's truly amazing is that I feel reminded of the good old BMW Films days, when Ridley Scott and RSA took over David Fincher's position as executive producers for the second batch. Now they've done it again, with a twist: Five directors, five genres, five short films -- all with the exact same dialogue. The concept sounds intriguing, and for everyone interested: There's a contest coming with it. To shoot your own "version" of the story and win the entire Scott family as miniture wax figures for your chimney.

Check it out:
Parallel Lines - Official Trailer


  1. this tagline actually makes sense.

    there are MANY ways to develop an idea / write a script / shoot a sequence / edit a film.

    there's only ONE realistic way to watch it: on a single rectangular movie screen.

  2. I thought the quote was, "people will say, 'there are a million ways to shoot a scene,' but I don't think so. I think there's two, maybe. And the other one is wrong." I actually like this quote better, it's funny and shows how definite Fincher's vision is.