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+++ UPDATED 02/28/2010 +++
Yay, praise my growing senility: I already "knew" the answer to the question I posed in the original post here, but forgot. Doug Biro had replied to the question the contributor of this find had asked him promptly and confirmed, that the other Levi's spot, "I Love You", was also directed by David Fincher. The spots "We Are All Americans" and "My First Coke" were however not directed by Fincher; they were done by Albert Watson and Koh Sakata respectively.

So make sure you head over to Doug Biro's Hudson River Films site and check him out and have another look at Fincher's early work as a shoe (and jeans) salesman.

Big thanks again to the contributor!

I seriously, seriously don't know how this could happen: I was sent the link to David Fincher's classic Levi's "Restaurant" commercial... and it did nothing but collect dust in an obscure folder of my inbox for a way too long time. Before I write anything else, let me extend my apologies to the fine contributor. All I can say is: I am honestly sorry. And thank you very, very much for reminding me!

On to the better part of this post, Levi's "Restaurant" commercial was very hard to track down. I haven't seen this anywhere else on the web and it finally surfaced on the website of the ad's creative director and writer Douglas Biro.

Back in the 1980s and early 90s Biro collaborated with David Fincher on several occasions, most widely known on the Coca Cola "Bladeroller" commercial -- as Biro shares, "the first commercial named to permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC".

Both the "Bladeroller" and "Restaurant" commercial can be found at Biro's site at a decent quality, and also, for everyone interested, there's a David Lynch directed ad for Georgia Coffee.

My question now would be, if the Levi's "I Love You" commercial could have also been directed by Fincher, since it is obviously from the same campaign. Anyone know? -- Yeah, I know!

Thanks again to the contributor and to Douglas Biro for making these available.
Here are the links:

Levi's - Restaurant
Douglas Biro's Hudson River Films
Try changing the video's extension from f4v to flv in case it won't play.

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  1. I think the actress is Claire Forlani - from Meet Joe Black fame, playing a leading role opposite Brad Pitt. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001231/