Doing What He Does Best

Yay, serial killers! Variety announced David Fincher is co-developing and executive producing a new HBO series titled "Mind Hunter", based on the book, "Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit" by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker.

'The match between Theron and Fincher was made shortly after Theron signed with WME last summer. Fincher was a natural fit for a serial killer series, given his track record as the helmer of psychological thrillers such as 2007's "Zodiac" and 1995's "Seven."'

So that should be something to look out for. With Fincher in the producer's chair that might make for an interesting series, even though serial killers in TV drama are not exactly my favorites.

On another note, the release date for Fincher's new movie "The Social Network" was officially moved, what, yes, forward to October 1. That means: Only nine more months of waiting. But that's a walk in the park, considering the long year's we had anticipated Zodiac and Benjamin Button.

And thanks to all you busy contributors, here's a wonderful interview of Jesse Eisenberg talking about his role in "The Social Network" and working with David Fincher.

Enjoy. All the links:
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