Denzel As Mills?

It is an odd thing, looking at your favorite movies, trying to think how the cast could be any different. How would the movie have changed, had anyone other than Brad Pitt taken the role of Tyler Durden? Can you picture Nicole Kidman in PANIC ROOM? How would ZODIAC feel differently with, say, Ed Norton as Graysmith?

Thanks to Angelo I can share with you a brief link along those lines.

It's barely a news item, Academy Award winner Denzel Washington confirming: The role he most regrets having turned down was the 1994 part of Detective Mills, offered to him by David Fincher. Apparently, Washington was one of Fincher's favored choices for the leading role. But he declined, fearing the film would be "dark and evil".

Well, what can I say?
Yeah, I see how you can totally kick yourself for that!

But can I see the film with Denzel Washington as Mills?
Nuh, not really.

If it will ever be possible to go to another universe, where you can watch Se7en with any other cast, sure I might get the Denzel-version and watch it back to back with the Mickey Rourke as Tyler Durden Fight Club. But in this universe, Se7en is so engraved in stone, so utterly perfect... I am actually glad it's not a word and not a cut different from what it is.

What do you think? Did we miss out on something?

Thanks for the link! Here it is:


  1. I can't imagine it! (Well, I can but I don't want to).

    Pitt/Fincher. So far, this duo guarantees that we are going to see something special everytime they work on the same set. I hope they do some more movies together.

    As for Denzel... now, this would explain why he did Fallen and The Bone Collector ;)

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  3. if Fincher chose Denzel, should'nt you find the casting a little bit

    and why not Forest Whitaker in the role of the Fat Guy?

  4. Maybe Fincher wanted Michael Douglas for Freeman's part? To add some white. WTF what's with the black casting comment anyway? What about bad boys? Is that too black too?