Fight Club Interview With Pitt And Norton

"I have a little trouble summarizing what I have seen."

Haha. This is wonderful: I ran into this interview that came out right around the cinematic release of "Fight Club". The interviewer seems unable to stomach everything the film was throwing at him, which is funny and amazing, because it reminds me of how I felt, when I first stumbled out of the movie theater. "Fight Club" is one of those films that just doesn't let you go. It has your head spinning for a week. And it was and still is one of those movies you watch and immediately want to watch again.

Seeing this I realized just how old Pitt and Norton have become in the last ten years. But the most important thing that struck me about it was to see how juiced and excited and proud they are of what they have created.

"Fight Club" is my number one movie of the last ten years, and I want to share with you a fun little trivia I recently noticed. I remember cleary around 2002 "Fight Club" ranked #38 in IMDB's Top 250. It's now ten years after the film came out... and it has climbed up to #18.

It's great to see this quirky and truly original piece get the recognition it deserves.

Excuse the rambling. Here's the clip:


  1. fight club is my number one movie of all years. never get tired to say so. thanks for the link.

  2. They make for a great gay couple!

  3. They do indeed make for a great gay couple! I wonder who would be on the receiving end.

  4. Fight Club definately has some homosexual undertones... remember Tyler Durden in the bathtub, Jack watching him, and Tyler saying "I wonder if another woman is really the answer we need..."

    Super gay!