Timberlake Comfirms "Social Network" Role

In a video interview with EXTRA Justin Timberlake now confirmed his involvement in "The Social Network", playing Napster inventor Sean Parker in a drama about the origins and behind-the-scenes conflicts of Facebook.

So that internet rumor would finally be off the table: Timberlake is doing it. What a relief! But the real news behind this is obvious: To everyone who has still been doubting this film is happening... it looks like it is.

Shooting is scheduled to begin this month and drag on into the winter. Since the project seems to be fast-tracked at studio levels and not too fx heavy, give Fincher a year in post-production and this might flicker on silver screens as soon as next fall!

Watch Timberlake's brief video interview:


  1. The Japs are crazy... look at this trash: http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/tv-commercials/nikon-coolpix-digital-camera-helicopter-boyz-566931/show/

  2. Still can't believe it. Why Timberlake? He should be in MTV movies, like Britney Spears Crossroads or something.

  3. i'm def. looking forward to this movie, fincher always makes good decisions. im still a bit dissapointed there is no rama movie..

  4. Just so you know...

    Shooting begins TODAY at Harvard Square. They're filming for ten days in Boston (this week and next week) and then they're moving production to LA. I think they're going to bring the film back to Boston at the end of production to film the "winter" scenes. m