Jonze On Fincher

Here's a great find from your fellow Fincher fanatics Mikez, Fitz and Christophe: Interviews with director Spike Jonze, a long-time friend of David Fincher, talking about his latest effort, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE -- and how Fincher helped out with vfx advice!
I realized – well, I'm friends with David Fincher and he's always on the cutting edge of effects, he's inventing half of them.

– Spike Jonze

...and before you know it Fincher had a hand in the creation of Jonze's movie. Not a huge part, more like a vfx mentor. But nonetheless, that really sounds like Fincher.

WTWTA sounds like a great movie. And hearing these anecdotes really makes me wish one could more often get a glance at these geniuses working together behind the scenes.

Big thanks to you contributors for the links!


  1. I did storyboards for Spike back in the 90's. There was a shoe commercial we were doing and at that time Spike had never done VFX. He had Fincher come over and we walked through the boards and Fincher laid it out for Spike. Shoot this with this lens, be careful of that, matte painting here etc. He spoke with such absolute control of the medium and Spike ate it up. great to see that collaboration has continued. They're amazing talents.

  2. Interesting comment, Anonymous! Do you have a website with some storyboards we can see? Would be much appreciated! :)

  3. There's dust setting on this blog... unmotivated commentators.

  4. I don't have any Spike boards online but here is a link to some other work.


    scroll down to Art and Design for storyboards etc.